Patient Voices

A letter from PFCCAP Director, Rachel Joseph:

PFCCAP Family and Supporters,

It is with a heavy heart that we report the death of the face of our organization in Cali, our patient and friend, Luz Clemencia.

Luz died at home, in the presence of family, and was able to say goodbye to her three sons, one age 9, and twins, age six. After becoming lost in the Colombian health system and receiving a late diagnosis of breast cancer, Luz was driven to ensure that no woman or family endure the pain that she, her husband and her three young sons suffered.

In spite of her grueling treatment, Luz began new work, making and selling jewelry. She divided the proceeds that she earned through this work with other women in similar situations, so that they might earn money to supplement the cost of their cancer care and support their (often young) families.

Luz, as her name suggests, was a bright light. Her humor, grace and humility are unlike anything we've seen. We are devastated by Luz's passing, and so grateful to have been a part of her life. We are honored to have Luz as the face of our work and the women we aim to serve in her name.

Luz will remain in our hearts and in all that we do. Our work this March to make cancer care a reality for all women in Cali will be carried out in her name.