Technical Services

Technical Services
Technical Services

Partners for Cancer Care and Prevention provides year-round technical support to medical providers who serve breast and cervical cancer patients and their families.

Since 2012 PFCCAP has:

  • Trained over 300 health care professionals in the management of cancer.
  • Donated a digital mammography machine and a video colposcope to a primary care facility.
  • Provided approx 235 breast prosthesis and 300 bras for women with mastectomies and 130 wigs for women undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Conducted a needs assessment of hospital pathology services.
  • Technical Services
  • Trained 5 hospital bacteriologists in the assessment of fine-needle aspiration biopsies to increase the quality and speed of diagnostic services.
  • Trained 5 surgeons to perform ultrasound-guided breast biopsies.