Technical Services

Technical Services

Partners for Cancer Control and Prevention provides year-round technical support to medical providers in Cali, Colombia, who serve breast and cervical cancer patients and their families.

Breaking News: On March 9, 2013, our team of physicians, nurses, and public health professionals traveled to Hospital San Juan de Dios to provide evidence-based medical training and programmatic support to the hospital's medical, nursing and psychosocial professionals and trainees. During our week-long program, we:

  • Trained over 100 medical professionals in the management of breast disease.
  • Provided 171 breast prosthesis evaluations for women with mastectomies and 70 hair prostheses for women undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Conducted a needs assessment of hospital pathology services.
  • Trained 5 hospital bacteriologists in the assessment of fine-needle aspiration biopsies to increase the quality and speed of diagnostic services.
  • Trained 5 surgeons to perform ultrasound-guided breast biopsies.

We are committed to:

  • Improving continuity of care: this process has been initiated through our partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Nueva Vida, Inc. to launch a breast cancer patient navigation program.
  • Ensuring physical space for cancer care: at Hospital San Juan de Dios, this process officially began in September, 2012 with the creation of a "Pink Room" funded by Roche Laboratories specific to breast cancer patient services.
  • Increasing hospital capacity for high-quality cancer care: through joint purchase of medical equipment to diagnose and treat breast and cervical cancer, and ongoing training of hospital providers engaged in cancer care.